1Is it possible for individuals to get their books bound?

Absolutely! However, you will need to take care of delivering the books in person or sending them via a carrier (e.g. Canada Post). It is also worth mentioning that the unit price is higher if you have less than 25 total volumes to be bound. To find out which product best suits your needs, click here..

2Is there a minimum number of books that I need to have bound?

No, however, it is important to understand that it costs more per unit for quantities under 25 volumes.

3Is it possible to get a book or several books bound even if I don’t want to deliver them myself or pick them up once they are ready?

Yes. All you have to do is send them via a carrier (e.g. Canada Post, Purolator, FedEx, etc.). Contact us if you require assistance, or visit our How do I send...page. We will return your books via carrier for a fee.

4Are you able to print a document and then bound them together?

Yes, but only in small quantities, since we are not a printing shop. We use photocopiers (printers) for these types of small print jobs. Contact us for a free estimate.

5Are you able to detach a document, digitize it and then bind it back together?

Yes, but only for small quantities since we do not have a fast digitizer for large volumes. Contact us for a free estimate.

6Are you able to bind books that have already been printed at a print shop?

Yes. You just need to provide us with the images that you want on the cover and the detached pages of each copy and separate the two in some way (i.e. by inserting a coloured page between each, cross piling them, or placing an headband around each...).

We can either glue your images to a cloth cover (Complete lamination), create a new cover by folding your laminated image (Non-laminated reinforcement ).

7Is it possible to glue several pages back on after they were detached from a book, without completely rebinding it?

In most cases, the binding must be redone, since all re-gluing of pages without detaching the binding won’t be solid. We are able to make a better assessment of how we can repair a book once we have it in our possession and can take a closer look.

8Do you do spiral binding?

No. However, we are able to bind flexible books more solidly (using a hard cover) even if they were originally spiral-bound.

In some cases, we can cut off the holes in the pages and bind the book normally using the “double fan” method or even sewing. In other cases, due to a lack of margin or because of paper coating, we have to sow the book using the original holes (Spiral sewing - special punch)

9Can all books be repaired?

No, some cases are inevitably worse than others. In some “desperate” scenarios, we even recommend buying the book again, in the case of cardboard-bound children’s books for example.

For certain ancient or precious books, we suggest to see an art binder, since our mechanized machines can exert a lot of pressure on books and damage the pages . Contact us if you require assistance.

10Can you bind several books or issues together?

Absolutely. However, we suggest that you avoid having books bound together when the total thickness will be in excess of 7cm. Also, depending on the type of paper, bindings in books that are too thick may be less solid. We would also like to mention that the thicker the book, the heavier it is, and the easier it will break if dropped.

11Is there a difference between repairing and restoring a book?

Yes, in the case of repairs, we do not attempt to preserve the book’s original cachet. It will be rendered solid and readable, but visually, it may look different than the original. When it comes to restoration, art binders will ensure that the book’s original cachet is restored in order to preserve its original character, and the book will also be made more solid.

12If some pages in my book are stained, what can be done?

It depends how many stains there are, where they are located and if your book has a hard or flexible cover.

If your book is flexible and the stains are on the edges of several pages, but are not touching (or barely touching) the text within, we can cut the book along 3 sides. 3-sided trimming.

If your book has a hard cover and the stains are on the edges of the pages, we will need to unbind it in order to do 3-sided trimming and bind it back together. In some cases we are able to salvage the original cover, but in others this is not possible.

If we are able to salvage the cover, we will remake it and preserve the original images (Regular bindings). If we are unable to salvage the cover or you want to discard it, we will make a new buckram-canvas cover (Buckram binding)

For prized books that have stained texts, we have the ability to undo the original binding, digitize the stained pages and digitally remove most of the stains. We then print the fixed pages and bind the book back together using the new pages. However, it is important to note that the type of paper may not have the same texture or colour as the original.

Price will vary according to the number of stains removed. Our billing is based on a general hourly labour fee, plus the price of the final binding. Contact us for a free estimate.