Spine gluing

Spine gluing – double-fan method

Recommended for: Volumes whose text block is made of porous paper that is easy to glue (paper that runs in line with the grain). Making volumes easier to open.

No specific name since this is the default treatment at both workshops and is included in the price of bindings.


  • Prior spine trimming in order to separate all the sheets in the text block.
  • Gluing with the "double fan" or “double cradle” method using high-quality Planatol BB adhesive. This adhesive is applied cold to maintain its elasticity after drying. This allows us to apply glue on the spine of the book, along with a bit on the top and bottom of each page in order to help them stick to each other better.

*This type of treatment does not incur additional fees.

Recasing – No back trimming

Recommended for: Volumes whose original text block is solidly glued on or sewn or for old, fragile volumes. Trimming to glue or sewing them back together could make the spine more fragile.

Term used at Reliures Caron & Létourneau: REB

Term used at Reliure Travaction: O (original glue) or CO (original sewing)


  • Removal of original endpapers and cleaning spine : scrubbing, brushing and sanding old, dry glue and removing original lining.
  • If the original sewing is preserved, special attention must be paid to keeping the threads intact after having ensured that they are not too old or brittle.
  • Application of high-quality Planatol BB adhesive on the original text block, and adding endpapers and new lining.

*This type of treatment does not incur additional fees.